Pre-order Quality Aquarium Livestock

Pre-Order Livestock

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Hello Fellow Aquarists! 

Ready to add beautiful living coral or a friendly new fish to your aquarium? Please see the PDF stock list at the bottom of the page, and read ahead for information on how to pre-order your next addition.

  1. Review our pre-order list, and send your inquiries or questions to or call us at 865-253-2846. 
  2. Once all of your questions are answered, please send your request with your name and number for notification of your order’s arrival to by 7pm on Tuesday.
  3. Orders arrive on Thursday's (unless there is a holiday - then it will arrive on Friday). 
  4. We require payment for your order at time of pick up.  We accept all major credit cards accompanied by proper ID.

Please Note: If you are unable to pick up your order on Thursday we will acclimate your livestock into our aquarium. We would then ask you wait 24-48 hours to pick up your new addition to reduce stress on your pet.  

On rare occasions, you may not receive your livestock within the same week.  

This may occur for one of several reasons: 

  1. We reject livestock if it arrives below our standard. 
  2. Our supplier may sell out of stock or quarantine their holding system if fish or coral appear unhealthy. 
  3. A fish jumps out of their tank. (We’ve seen it before!) 
  4. Acts of God.

Parrott Aquatic in Knoxville is a small business that supports small business! We order our aquarium livestock primarily from Carolina Aquatics because of the fantastic quality of service and our relationship with the owner. Carolina Aquatics delivers orders to us by van, and allows us to inspect or reject our orders before returning. 

Please note: We do not offer a livestock warranty. However, we fully welcome you to inspect your pets before taking them home.  If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of your order at the time of pickup, you are at no obligation to keep it, and we will return it for you.


Parrott Aquatic

Pre-Order List

Ready to add some new fish or coral? Download our most current pre-order list below!

PA weekly stocklist for 2-10-19 (pdf)