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Our trained professionals visit our customers at their convenience to perform routine cleaning and repair services.  Our staff prides themselves in offering the best customer service possible by arriving on time, cleaning up our messes, and answering all of your questions.  We believe in the Golden Rule, and work this into everything we do!
Maintenance Programs Include: 

  • Water Quality Test​
  • Water change (15-20% Weekly, 25% Monthly)​
  • Buffer any parameters (if needed)​
  • Clean aquarium (cabinetry included)​
  • Change filter media​
  • Visually inspect livestock & corals​
  • Visually inspect filtration system

We want every tank we visit to be happy and healthy, so we want to make sure your aquarium meets our Parrott Aquatic Clean Tank Standard before we go. If your tank doesn't meet our standards, we'll help diagnose the issue.   
Parrott Aquatic has developed a 2 phase, multi-point checklist for cleaning aquariums to ensure your tank meets our standards.  After we service your tank, we record all of your tanks vitals and make suggestions towards improvements or solutions to any current issues.

  • Healthy fish and coral with good color & non-labored breathing
  • Correct Lighting
  • Correct Water Temperature
  • Correct Water Flow
  • Best Water Quality
  • Tank, stand, and canopy free of leaks, major scratches

If you still have questions or you want to try to do it yourself, learn more about aquarium cleaning on our blog!

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